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WE SUPPORT SKOLAFUND: The Big Community Scholarship Fundraiser

To show our supports to this fundraising campaign, we @ Kotarayaku.Com are dedicating this page for the awareness of this BIG campaign. We hope more individuals and organizations are willing to support this great initiative.

This is a fundraiser to create a scholarship fund of RM1,000,000 to make higher education accessible to students from less-privileged backgrounds. Seeking 100,000 people to pledge RM10!

You’re a busy adult. Before you read on further, here’s some ways to know if you’re the type of person who this campaign is for. Keep reading if you’re the kind of person who:

  • when the makcik selling keropok comes to your table, you never turn her away.
  • when a tweet or FB post of a person truly in need comes up on your newsfeed, you’ll share it to every single one of your family and friends.
  • when you find out a friend doesn’t have enough money for lunch, you’ll secretly belanja him a meal.

And if you’re still reading this, welcome! You are the type of person who believes that small actions done with great heart can have great consequences.

This campaign is for you: the everyday, friendly, neighbourhood Malaysian. And there are thousands of you out there; we know because we’ve met so many of you already.

Our Skolafund Journey So Far.

It’s been three years since we started Skolafund with this simple belief. That if we could build a simpler, transparent way for kind, generous souls (like you) to help the countless university students around the country overcome their financial difficulties, the community would rise to the challenge.

And you did. You supported a young psychology major to graduate when her scholarship suddenly got revoked. You helped a promising doctor go on a life-changing exchange programme to Mexico. You made a scientist’s dream to represent Malaysia at an international conference in London a reality.

You did all of this – with whatever amount you could afford to give and with your shares and RTs.

All in all, the community has raised RM800,000 and helped near 200 university students on Skolafund. The truth is that we, the Skolafund team, feel lucky to have been part of this journey with you.

Why run this RM1,000,000 Community Scholarship Campaign?

Together, we can do even more. There are still many students out there that are struggling to make ends meet.

A few months ago, we asked you on twitter if you’re crazy enough to support a RM1,000,000 crowdfunding campaign to create a scholarship that supports deserving students throughout Malaysia.

The Big Community Scholarship Fundraiser

You responded and you told us you were. The team discussed it and we’re on board too.

And what better month to do it than the month of Ramadhan – the month of giving and charity? 30 days to contribute. 30 days to support the future of this country in the students. 30 days to raise RM1,000,000. Sounds impossible? We thought so too…until we did the math.

How We’re Gonna Do This – Together

Because here’s the thing – if we truly work together, it’s not that crazy.

  1. There are about 14.7 million working adults in Malaysia.
  2. We did our calculations and to reach our RM1,000,000 crowdfunding target, all we need is 0.68% of them – just 100,000 of those with income and have the means – to contribute just RM10 to the fund.
  3. In other words, if just 1 in every 100 working population in Malaysia gave just RM10, we’d actually exceed our target.

How YOU Can Be Part Of This Movement

In theory, thi is simple but none of this is possible without you, the community. There’s two ways you can help.

  1. If you have the capability, we hope you’ll give to the fund. Your RM10 will go a long way towards helping a deserving student in need.
  2. (And this is just as important), we need you to share this – EVERYWHERE.

We need to reach those 100,000 people just like you out there, just waiting for the opportunity to give.

We need you to shout it from the rooftops (literally and virtually). We need you to join our squad (click here to do just that).

We need the entire nation to see this – because if they do, we’re certain that we’ll find enough people just like you to be part of this community scholarship.

Because since day one of Skolafund, you’ve proven to us that small actions, done with great heart, can have great consequences. That together, we can do even more.

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, feed one.” – Mother Teresa


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