Sexual Problem with Women

Sexual Problems in Women

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Sex is an important part of a woman’s life, however, several sexual problems can affect the enjoyment and the sexual health. Getting to know about common issues can help you self-diagnose your condition and seek medical help when needed.

Symptoms of sexual problems in women

You may have sexual problems at any stage of your life. They can happen repeatedly and frequently in certain situations or in all situations. Body, mind, relationship, beliefs, and lifestyle are the factors of successful sexual activities. Any disruption to any factor can affect your sex life. Here are some common sexual problems with women

Lack of sexual desire

In this situation, you lose your interest in having intimacy. When your partner wants to have sexual intercourse, you are more likely to refuse the activity.

Sexual pain

You may feel painful during and after sex. Pain can be felt in your vagina, vulvar, or pelvis. Pain can also be linked to sexual stimulation. Plus, pain can cause difficulty urinating.

Orgasmic disorder

Suffering from this health concern, you cannot reach orgasm. This condition can occur repeatedly in certain sexual situations or in all situations.

Lack of sexual arousal

With this problem, you still want to have sex, however, you cannot get aroused or keep your arousal during the situation.

Risk factors for sexual problems in women

Sexual problems in women can be caused by a number of factors. Here are some cases:

  • You have certain medical conditions that affect your sexual function. These conditions include heart disease, cancer, bladder problems or kidney damage.
  • You take certain medications such as antidepressants or drugs that are used to control your blood pressure. Going through a chemotherapy also counts. These drugs can reduce the sex drive.
  • You have changes in hormone levels. Accordingly, you may have lower levels of estrogen. This can lead to loss of sensation. It also takes more time to build up your arousal. A decrease in estrogen also leads to vaginal dryness and vaginal lining thinning. This makes the intercourse become painful to your body.
  • You have emotional problems. Stress and anxiety can affect your sexual desire.
  • You have kidney, liver, heart, or blood vessel diseases.
  • You experienced sexual abuse in the past.

When to see a doctor

If the symptoms make you worry and affect your relationship, see a doctor. You should also seek help from a doctor if your symptoms get worse.

What you can do before your appointment

Before your appointment with your doctor, make sure you have all the information about your condition and questions to ask.

You should have all of this information:

  • Your symptoms: this information is important. Know the severity of the symptoms, when they occur and how they happen.
  • Your medical history: tell your doctor if you have medical condition such as pregnancy, diabetes, cancer or heart disease. If you are taking medications, tell your doctor about the types and the dosages.
  • Your sexual history: tell your doctor if you experienced sexual abuse or sexual assaults in the past. Also, tell the doctor about your high-risk sexual activities.

You should also make a list of questions that you want to ask your doctor. Ask the doctor about your condition, how to treat it, how long treatment takes, and potential complications. Feel free to ask. The doctor will answer your questions.

Sexual problems such as lack of sex drive or painful intercourse can keep you from enjoying your sex life. These problems can be the result of hormones diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, stress or traumatic events in the past. If the problems last more than months, you should see a doctor.

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