Netflix-Raya-Spot-2018Credit to Netflix Malaysia

Raya looks really “strange” this year with Netflix

After all the Raya Spots that were released during this Raya season, we thought that its over! But then, the ‘strangest’ thing happened when Netflix Malaysia releases its own version of Raya spot titled “A Rhyming Raya” to the public recently.

Kudos to Netflix Malaysia and the Team behind this spot. Now we can’t wait for the 3rd Season of the “Stranger Things” to premiere on Netflix.

If you haven’t watch the spot, ENJOY!

A Rhyming Raya

Raya is looking pretty strange this year…

Posted by Netflix on 12hb Jun 2018



Client : Netflix Malaysia
Agency : C27 Malaysia
Production : Infilmnity Productions
Exec Producer : Thomas Ratih
Producer : Vince
Line Producer : Paul
Director : Esham Shahlin
Assist Dir : Azrin Bidin
Dop : Kelvin Keehoe
Assist Cam : Simon Ng Ley Shin
Editor : Esham Shahlin
Music : Pacai Pacheye
Post House : EyeBelieve


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