Raya Ads 2018

Its RAYA Time! Top 5 Raya Ads of 2018

2 Week to go for Raya!

And one of the way we know that is when there are some remarkable Raya Ads running on all media platforms. Here are the TOP 5 Raya Ads of 2018; (We are very sure there will be more Raya Ads to be released very soon and we will keep this list updated for your viewing pleasure)

1. Digi Raya 2018 “Nawaitu”

2. ASTRO Raya 2018 “Gaya Raya Paling Ori”

3. TNB Raya 2018 “Rumah Epik Fantastik”

4. LAZADA Raya 2018 “Buah Hati Raya”

5. HABIB Raya 2018 “Dalam Hati Opah”

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