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How To Tell Your Partner About Their Weight Without Hurting Their Feelings?

By Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le.

Weight is a sensitive subject itself. To talk about your personal weight is hard, thus, to tell your partner about their weight is somewhat like a suicidal mission. They may take it the hard way, get mad and then appreciate your truthfulness or they may be totally upset of your words. Here we offer you 5 tips to lighten the situation.

Focus on health

Instead of focusing on weight only, try to tell them about their health and life quality off the scale. Shift your and their intention on health, diet, mood, and real life issue.

Besides, judging your love ones based on numbers or any kind of social standard is silly and it can break the bond between two people.

Do not give body-shaming

Saying they look fat, not attractive or their thighs are mended with cellulite is definitely not a wise way. Negative comments only bring out defensive feelings and imply any insecure feeling. More than that, shamming will give the opposite result as your partner try to restrict their portion, starve themselves and eventually fell into stress.

Don’t force

Weight extremely touchy to mention about. As you discuss the raising numbers, some will listen and consider, some will refuse and stay denial. It’s a normal phase if someone doesn’t want to talk about this; all you can do in this situation is to take a step back and give them the time and space they need. Some may never come back to and talk about this topic with you, but you don’t know if they are seeing a dietitian, smashing the gym or trying a new diet.

Have some empathy

When it comes to personal sensitive subjects such as weight, empathy is the most powerful thing that becomes handy. Just imagine how you would feel if someone comes up to you and constantly talk about your insecurity, whether it is education, family, career, money, or social status.

Offer them a lot of empathy, support, love and encouragement to pull them closer and give them strength to understand, accept and move forward.

Lead by giving example

In the next date, after you have told him about his weight, don’t sit across the table and order yourself a bag of large fries while he orders a salad. It makes things become awkward. Set a goal and give him support along a road, not only by words but also by actions. Sign up for a couple membership card in a gym, go hand in hand and sweat like beasts. Try to give compliments on the smallest change and don’t bug on those chips he ate weeks ago.

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