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ESTRANGED: Jelajah Misi Elektrik Borneo

Estranged will be organizing a concert #JelajahMisiElektrikBorneo to help residents of remote villages in Ranau to acquire electricity. The winner of Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) 2007 ,  is hoping to raise over RM40,000 during the concert that will be held on the 23rd July 2018 for this cause.

Sedutan saat bersama warga Papar di @giantmalaysia sewaktu dalam#jelajahmisielektrikborneoSumbangan untuk majukan projek mini hidroelektrik di Kg Paus, Sg. Toubang masih dialu-alukan.Semoga kita semua dapat berjumpa lagi! .. Light Up Borneo PLT / 3182753709 / Public Bank… RM25 = 1 meter kabel. RM15 = 1 lampu LED.. #jelajah #misi #elektrik #borneo #jelajahmisielektrikborneo #sabah Video : @bryankoujustudio

Posted by ESTRANGED on 10hb Jun 2018


The collection will be donated to volunteer body “Light Up Borneo” in order for them to generate hydroelectricity to 23 houses in Kampung Sungai Toubang. A documentary on the village will also be published on Estranged’s social networking site this month, said singer Rich Gimbang.

Light Up Borneo - HydroElectric Station Kampung Rangan
Photo Courtesy of Light Up Borneo – A mini hydro-electric station project developed by Light Up Borneo in Kampung Rangan.

In addition to the concert, Estranged will be making a tour to 40 towns in Sarawak and 22 in Sabah. The unique part of their tour – is that they will using a transformed pick-up truck into a moving stage to promote the latest single “Sebelum dan Selepas.

“Two years ago we had a tour to the institutions of higher learning. But this time, we chose to perform in smaller towns in order to bring the band closer to the fans.” said Rich.

They are also promoting the Tour in their social networking sites to gain more supports from the public.

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