Emotional Eating: What Is It?

By / Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le.

Have you ever used food to comfort yourself from sadness, anger, boredom or disappointment? Is it happening on a regular basis? If your answer is yes, then you may have emotional eating disorder. The article below will give further information regarding this matter.

What contributors cause emotional eating?

  • Health related problems
  • Conflicts among friends, family, and colleagues at work
  • Stress
  • Financial circumstance
  • Fatigue

Tips to stop emotional eating

Tame your stress

Instead of relieving stress by eating, try something else. For instance, you can participate in physical activities such as yoga, meditation or deep breathing.

Fight boredom

A lot of people eat whenever they feel bored. That is not good for both your budget and your health. Try to take a walk, listen to music, watch a movie or go to the gym whenever you feel the cravings.

Prevent any temptation

Don’t just lay food all around your house. Seeing them so frequently is the reason why you are so tempted to pick them up and satisfy the cravings.

Snack healthily

If you cannot resist your hunger just that easily, then why don’t you replace all of the comfort foods with healthy vegetables, such as fruits or nuts. A bowl of Greek yogurt, with the companion with fruits like strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and a few types of nuts would make an incredible taste and healthy snack.

Don’t deprive yourself

One mistake that many people trying to eat less frequently make is to limit their calories count, force themselves to continuously eat the same healthy foods and avoid treats completely. This would work just great for people with strong emotional state, however, to some, it will just increase your cravings day by day. At a certain point, you cannot control your cravings anymore and you will eat even more than before, to make it up for the days that you have been dieting.

Get support

Dieting and trying to control your cravings is much harder when you do it alone without the notice of any family members or friends. Emotional as well as physical help that you can receive from them will make the journey easier for you.

Learn from the past

If you failed the diet plan and had an episode of emotional eating, don’t give up. Forgive, and then pick yourself up. List out all the things that you have done wrong then try to avoid committing them the next time.

You are not the only one who is emotional eating. Keep in mind that eating every time you feel stressful, sad, or bored will only bring you further health complications.Apply the tips above for better control over emotional eating. If these do not work, it’s time for professional help.

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